Math Basics Made Easy

Math Basics Made Easy


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Math Basics Made Easy — Kindle Edition

by Steve Slavin and  Ginny Crisonino

Cover Art by Jason Poole

Note: Math Basics Made Easy is not available from this site. Purchase it by clicking on the link below.  

There’s an unspoken weak spot in our society …  most adults can’t do basic math. A recent U.S. Department of Education study found that 87% of American adults are deemed “non-proficient” at math. This means they can’t calculate tips, understand their mortgage payments, or even figure out their weekly salary when told their hourly wage. If this sounds like you, but you’d like to improve your math skills, Singing Turtle has a solution, Math Basics Made Easy.

Math Basics Made Easy teaches adults the four fundamental math operations:  adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

“These four skill areas are the foundation stones of mathematics,” says co-author Steve Slavin. “Because most Americans have never mastered these skills, they haven’t gotten very far in math. And that has closed the door to many high-paying careers.”

Slavin believes that no matter how far behind a person may be in math, “it’s never too late to learn math, even if one must go back to the very first grade.”

Math Basics Made Easy presents these early math concepts in a format that works for adults. The book offers brief, easy-to-understand lessons with worked-out sample problems, followed by lots of practice problems. Answers are provided to all practice problems, so readers get instant feedback on how well they are progressing.

In today’s challenging economic times, Math Basics Made Easy may give you an important edge as a job seeker. Or if you need to further your education as a way to expand employment opportunities, this book may be an important step for passing any required math courses.

A solid self-teaching guide, Math Basics offers gentle encouragement and competent instruction to anyone with the desire to master math’s basic skills.

Note: Math Basics Made Easy is not available from this site. Purchase it by clicking on the link below.