Card Game Roundup 3-5




Play Your Way to Math Success

Card Game Roundup features fun card games that teachers and parents can use to teach young children vital math skills.The book is aimed at both teachers and parents working with children in grades 3 – 5. This is the second book in the Card Game Roundup series. The first title features games for children in the K-2 age bracket.

The games, created by veteran teachers Trudy Bortz and Josh Rappaport, are so much fun that kids won’t even realize they’re learning math as they play.

In “Annie Oakley”, children learn about measurement and data analysis.

In “Mysterious Bandits”, children solve for variables in addition and subtration problems.

And in “Land Grab”, they learn how to sort objects into the sections of a Venn Diagram.

The book is beautifully illustrated by artist Sally Blakemore (winner of the 2002 Children’s Literature Award).

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