Algebra Survival Guide, 1st Edition

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 “The Algebra Survival Guide has been a LIFESAVER!” — Rebecca M.
Watch this video to learn how the Algebra Survival Guide and its companion workbook
combine to create a powerful algebra learning experience.




Do you need a math translator to understand your textbook?

Hire the Algebra Survival Guide!

MATHLISH Offer the Algebra Survival Guide & Workbook to children before they enter Algebra 1 to boost their changes for success.

Or, offer the Guide & Workbook as a translation tool to help students understand a confusing Algebra 1 textbook.

This program is great for English Language Learners because the text is conversational and educational cartoons provide a visual way to grasp tricky algebra concepts.

—  struggling students
— English language learners
—  gifted students in primary grades
— self-paced homeschoolers

Algebra Survival Guide Contents
Sets of Numbers
Order of Operations
Absolute Value
Solving Equations
Coordinate Plane
… yes, even those dreaded Word Problems!
Loaded with practice problems, quizzes and chapter tests.
Sample Chapter — lots of cartoons!

Alignment to Common Core

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for thousands of extra practice problems!

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“Algebra Survival” Product REVIEWS


By Jackie B. Schneider
The Algebra Survival Guide is a go to book for me as a teacher. I can see it being of great benefit for students too. Funny, well written and covers all of the essentials for Algebra.
By Learnability
Absolutely the best book we have found in working with students preparing for Algbra. Great foundational skills organized in a useful way with good explanations that are easy to follow.
by Sarah Pearce, Directress, Milwaukee Montessori School
The girls in my school are using the Guide because it helps them understand algebra and feel confident. I would definitely say that the format of the Guide has helped these girls overcome their anxiety about math.
by Mary Gambrel, 7th grade regular and honors math teacher, Texas
The Algebra Survival Guide speaks to students in a language they can understand.
Linda Barkley, math teacher, Sacred Heart School, Dearborn, MI
I like the Guide so much that, at Parents Night, I copied the book’s order form and gave it out to all the parents of my students.

Parents of Students Struggling with Algebra

I cannot recommend this book highly enough!
B. de Heron
I bought this book for myself, hoping to refresh my memory, so I could help my 11-year-old with his middle school homework. I loved the simple language and told my son to look through a few pages to see what he thought. There’s something fairly awesome about handing your kid an algebra textbook in the middle of the summer and having him sit with it for over an hour muttering things like, “This is SO COOL!” He likes it so much he wants to take it with us on vacation.
Fashion Fairy (Frostbite Falls, MN)
Perfect for my middle schooler. Explained concepts in an easy to understand manner. Was a fantastic supplement to his course book, plus allowed for extra practice at test study time.
The Best Algebra teaching guide yet!
After searching for over a year, I finally found the book that helps me and my son understand algebra. I have never in my entire life gotten higher than a C- in algebra and got plenty of fails, but with this book I completely understand the concept AND can explain it to my son so that he gets the correct conclusions. He works with it on his own without getting frustrated like he was with the other books. It is a fun and slow paced book with just enough to practice on before you move to the worksheets. I am glad I purchased this book.
A great choice!
By Sue Lee
My 7th grade daughter is struggling with pre-algebra and I couldn’t remember a thing to help her. I ordered the Survival Guide and Workbook and they are both fun! My 12 year old works out of this book on her own. It really is self-teaching. Each section takes you step by step through the concepts explaining in simple terms how to do the problems. I am also learning all the Algebra concepts and love the way the book is laid out. Very direct, simple, engaging & great to look at visually.
This is the formula for my problems!
By B. Worded

I have been shopping for a good tutorial algebra book for several weeks so that I could help my struggling teenagers. I bought this book and workbook based on the customer reviews…and am I happy I did so. The book layout is easy to read with one problem per page in step-by-step detail. This is exactly what I’ve been seeking.


Highly recommend the book and workbook

I purchased the Algebra Survival guide and the workbook for my sons who would be taking Algebra in 8th grade. They easily completed the entire book over the summer. The Survival Guide is easy to understand. The Emergency Fact sheet will be a great reference. They will sail through Algebra this year. I highly recommend these books as a prelude to classroom Algebra for all students.
Amazon Customer (Anchorage, Alaska USA)
My teenage daughter has really been struggling through Algebra, even though she is a straight A student in all other subjects. She had been using Danica McKellar’s series and all went well until Hot X: Algebra Exposed! My daughter just kept getting confused and frustrated until she tried Josh Rappaport’s Algebra Survival Guide. She LOVES this book! She said “it’s easy”, which means she is actually understanding the concepts now. I highly reccommend this book to ANYONE who wants/needs to learn Algebra.
Good Algebra Teaching book
Good explanations of basic algebra. Used over the summer before starting Algebra with daughter and she is flying through the course this year.


I’ll bet a lot of mothers have hugged this author.

I’m a homeschooler, and I’m also math challenged so teaching algebra was a nightmare … Enter the Algebra Survival Guide and Workbook. Combined, these two are an unbeatable teaching tool. Each lesson carefully builds on the concepts you learned previously, just a few problems at a time, with only one or two steps added. If you are a homeschooler, you should add this tool to your arsenal.


Big help!!
My son is a freshmen and I currently use the Saxon curriculum in our homeschool plan. He has been struggling with the concepts and I found the Saxon text less than helpful. In an effort to get him more interested and help him overcome his struggles, I ordered this book. It is well worth it!!! It has helped him because it fully explains how to work problems. It doesn’t assume you know steps and explains each step in detail. If you or your kiddo is struggling, I’d recommend this text.
Must have book!
This question and answer format book is, as it claims, a simple, no-nonsense approach to some very challenging ideas. I only wish I could give this thing more stars! I purchased this to help myself review algebra concepts as I home school an 8th grader. Definitely get the workbook, too, it has big diverse problem sets which coordinate with the book.
Great for easy steps to algebra
Suzanne K. Endres “Suzyann13” (Tri-Cities, WA)
I bought this book to homeschool my granddaughter, and I am not good in algebra. The Guide makes all the steps easy, taking them one at a time instead of going through a bunch of things at once. You need to get the workbook as the workbook has many more problems, follows the guide for each step taught, and has the answers in the back.My granddaughter, who is in 9th grade, is able to go through it and understand pretty much on her own. This book is good for someone not very motivated to learn algebra, as the others I tried go into it too fast, which discouraged my granddaughter because she doesn’t like math and doesn’t try to understand it. The Algebra Survival Guide, along with the workbook, makes it much easier to teach her.
excellent work
S Sullivan
wonderful and easy lessons for my home schooled child … just make sure and grab the workbook that goes along with it
Algebra Must-have
I am a homeschooling mom of two boys. As my oldest son is in Algebra I this year, having BARELY passed Pre-Algebra last year, I was a little nervous. I came across the Algebra Survival Guide on my Kindle, and I downloaded the free sample. After reading it, I knew I had to buy it. The way it explains algebra rules makes it easy for him to understand and easy for me to teach.
Very happy with this purchase!
Luna (United States)
My 12 year old son is totally grasping the work so far. Its written in a way that is easy to understand and fun. The companion workbook has just the right amount of problems to challenge yet not bore him. Perfect for an Algebra beginner. Highly recommended to any homeschooler wanting to learn Algebra basics or anyone needing a refresher. Very happy with this purchase!

Special Note for College Students:  If you struggle with the very basics of algebra, the Algebra Survival Guide will probably help you, even though it does not cover most of the material in college algebra courses.  Here are the two main reasons:

1) The Algebra Survival Guide’s humor and conversational language puts students at ease. As your anxiety level goes down, your ability to learn goes way up.

2) Honestly, now that you’re older, once you get a grasp of basic algebra concepts, you’re more likely to understand algebra in general. The Guide makes sure you understand the basics and, for a lot of college students, this is all it takes to understand more advanced algebra topics.

Maccurt “Maccurt” (Omaha, NE United States)
Excellent. I was working on my MBA and needed a refresher. The Algebra Survival Guide was spot on. This could be used for Junior High and High School Kids. I plan on using this information when my children start taking Algebra. When I was a kid, my dad said “Son I can’t help you with you that new fangled math.” I swore I would not do that to my kids. This is an outstanding book to get up to speed quickly. I plan to finish this book and then do College Algebra!
The Fundamentals Made Easy
By John D MacDonald
Let me start by saying that in High School, I felt like a mathmatical retard. I failed math horribly. I never got the basics. It didn’t help that I was a bit lazy, but nevermind that! At age 30, and a liberal arts degree later, I decided it was time to learn Algebra properly, once and for all. This book, and the workbook that goes with it was a balanced and enlightening start that truly was painless. I have just about finished the book and will be moving on to harder algebra. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone looking to simplify the fog that surrounds the word “ALGEBRA”.
Funny, educational, and great explanations of ideas.
By Carlos Ledesma – See all my reviews
Super useful stuff. I was 1 week away from taking college level placement exams after an 11 year hiatus, within that week (granted it was 4-5 hours a day) I was able to score more than high enough. For reference I was a B-C student in high school. This is concise, funny, and very informative. Recommended to all that need a very quick refresher.
Math Confidence!
Recently took an algebra math class after 35 years. Josh Rappaport’s “Survival Guide” and “Workbook” gave me a huge advantage in the class. It is written in a funny, practical and effective manner. I had previewed several other books, but this one was the best! Great for students, parents, etc, and helped build common sense skills and increase skills while decreasing that dreaded math fear. I strongly recommend these books! Thank you Amazon for a well stocked store with effective and quick service!
This Book is a Life Saver
Cady Chapman (Friday Harbor, WA, US)
The last time I took Algebra was in 1976, no lie. I put off getting my AA degree because of the math. The college conselor told me I will need to take a math placement exam. I bought this book two weeks ago to study before the test and I’m already half way through. The concepts are explained well and build on each other in a logial manner. I also bought the workbook and recommend it as a companion. I’ve never left a review for anything before, but felt compelled to thank Josh Rappaport! You rock!
Helped me pass
T “togaparty” (AZ)
Great book! I bought this to help me brush up on my Algebra skills and test out of my college math placement. It worked. Very easy to follow. Author takes each problem step by step. Really helped me learn what I never really did while in high school. Btw I hate math and was able to keep returning to the book.
More Amazon Reviews
Don’t Forget …
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for thousands of extra practice problems! 
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