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Be prepared for SAT/ACT exams with our test prep courses and private tutoring.


Stressing out over math or language arts (K-12)? Struggling to write essays? We have the step-by-step strategies you need to succeed. We also help students (K-12) overcome reading problems caused by dyslexia.



These products are intended for grades 7 through 12. Depend on the Algebra Survival Guide to introduce algebra concepts in a way that helps students truly “get it”. Offer the Guide to children before they enter Algebra 1 or as a translation tool to help students understand a confusing Algebra 1 textbook. Great for English Language Learners because the text is conversational and educational cartoons provide a visual way to grasp tricky algebra concepts.


These products are intended for grades K through 6. Introduce young children to math concepts through our fun games and activities and watch them develop a love of math.