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ASG 2nd Edition is HERE!

The 2nd Edition of the Algebra Survival Guide is finally here! Check out the cover: And here’s a video that tells all about the Second Edition: And just below is the PDF with sample pages from the 2nd Edition. Quick Guide to the PDF: pp. 1 – 6 ….. Intro & Front Matter, including an Intro […]

Santa Fe Workshop Saturday

Anyone out there feeling frustrated or confused about the new Common Core math? I’m hosting a free workshop at 4:00 – 5:30 this Saturday, May 2, at the LaFarge Library in Santa Fe. The focus is how to understand the basics of Common Core math so that you can help your child understand the concepts […]

Guest Blog: Fun Way to Help Emerging Readers

From time to time I will include a Guest Blog post. Today’s Guest Blog author is Kathy Rappaport, a longtime educator and reading tutor.   Here’s a fun way to get young children reading with greater fluency: engage them in the art of storytelling. Children generally love to tell stories, especially while they play with […]

Reader Input on Slope Post

A longtime reader of Turtle Talk, Jeff LeMieux, of Oak Harbor, WA, sent in a suggestion based on my post yesterday about positive and negative slope. Jeff found a way to help students remember not only positive and negative slope, but also the infinite slope of vertical lines, and the 0 slope of horizontal lines […]

Helping Students REMEMBER the Difference in ‘LOOK’ Between Positive and Negative Slope

Some ideas just slap you in the face. I got slapped this morning as I was flying home from LA to Albuquerque. Those little cocktail napkins they hand out with “beverage service” often give me the urge to write. So this morning, nerdily enough, as I sipped my orange juice at 30,000 feet above the […]

Journey to the LCM … and Beyond!

In this blog/video I want to take you a little bit deeper into the world of … the LCM! Yes, that fascinating little mathematical entity is beckoning us to explore it further. Several readers wrote to me after I posted my LCM “trick,” saying they want to see me demonstrate WHY this “shortcut” works. One […]