• Algebra Survival Guide & Workbook — 2nd Edition

    Algebra Survival Guide & Workbook — 2nd Edition

    If you think algebra has to be boring, confusing and unrelated to anything in the real world, think again. Written in an engaging question-answer format with step-by-step instructions and helpful practice problems, it’s like having your own private algebra tutor. Real-life analogies and cartoons make understanding algebra a snap… The Algebra Survival Guide 2nd Edition […]

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GCF of 2 Numbers, Trick Finds it Fast

Ever need to find the GCF of two numbers? Here’s a trick for finding the GCF of any two numbers — very quickly. This is an original trick, so I doubt you’ll find it anywhere else online. But most important, it’s easy to use, and it works no matter how large the numbers might be. Also nice … learning this […]